Property Conveyancing | Melbourne, Victoria

Glenferrie Conveyancing Pty Ltd is a licensed conveyancer located in Northcote.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of a property from seller to buyer. It is a necessary part of buying or selling your house or land. In Victoria, this legal work can only be done professionally by a licensed conveyancer or a legal practitioner (a lawyer or solicitor).

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You can rely on us for all of your conveyancing needs

Originally located in Hawthorn, but now in Northcote, Glenferrie Conveyancing Pty Ltd is a licensed conveyancer that holds the prescribed professional indemnity insurance, maintains a general trust account and is a subscriber to the PEXA electronic settlement system.

We deliver a low cost, high quality and fully comprehensive conveyancing service, giving our clients an unmatched level of personal attention. This can include visiting you at your home, workplace or wherever is convenient.

Why choose Glenferrie Conveyancing Pty Ltd?

  • Low cost
  • We are open in the evenings and on weekends
  • We maintain a general trust account
  • We are a subscriber to the PEXA electronic settlement system
  • We are mobile and can meet with you away from our office


Our basic fee is only $510 plus GST and agreed disbursements (i.e. the cost of any necessary property certificates, Titles Office or PEXA fees). Additional fees will apply for those clients who are buying a property:

  • Without a lender/mortgagee (i.e. for cash) and the settlement is not being performed electronically or
  • Where the owner(s) of the property (or their proportions of ownership) will not be the same as the purchaser(s) who signed the Contract.


Please see “What We Do For You” and “Conveyancing Costs” for more information.


Customer Testimonials

Read testimonials from our clients and see what they have been saying about our service:

I’m currently using, and am very pleased with, Glenferrie Conveyancing. Well organised and attention to detail — just the attributes you want in your conveyancer :-)

We used Andrew from Glenferrie Conveyancing. He is very straight forward and really knows his stuff. No BS fees or you will need this and this… He also works 7 days a week 8am to 8pm. Very handy when you need some questions after hours!

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